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Center Pottery offers clay workshops and classes for all ages. We work with psychologists to combine the science of modern psychology with clay art to create a structured therapeutic curriculum for the general public and mental health patients. Everyone is welcome to join, and appreciate the joy and peace that making pottery brings. Explore our available programs and join us for some muddy fun today! 
Our studio is located right next to the last of 2 remaining Dragon Kilns in Singapore. Come visit a piece of Singapore's art history and clay heritage while the kiln is still here! Our location is tranquil, spacious, and you can reconnect with nature. 
Everything that we do, such as our regular pottery workshops and the sale of our handmade ceramic wares, goes towards funding our special clay classes to help mental health patients, patients who are terminally-ill, and the elderly. We are a social enterprise, and a member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE).
Join our workshops, shop our wares, or Reach Out to us to support our Cause in any way!

"Our workshop at Center Pottery was SO much fun! We had the flexibility to learn different techniques and lots of time to practice, create, and get our hands dirty. Unless you’re a designer or artist, it’s very rare that we get to nurture our creative side amidst our busy working lives. Being at Center Pottery made me feel like a kid in art class again, playing with clay and creating things without consequences. Although unfortunately, I don’t have any natural talent for the art of pottery, with Joan’s patient guidance, I was able to produce a few unique pieces I can now add to my kitchen and eat/drink from with pride. I think Center Pottery is a place everyone can enjoy." -- Alyssa, 26

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