24 Fun Team Building Activities to do in Singapore

Planning a good team building activity is always tedious as company would have to accommodate to different personalities and requests. But thankfully, we have compiled a list of top 24 fun team building activities for you and we're sure that one of them would fit your corporate needs! 

1. Paintball - Compete as a team 

An adrenaline filled activity, paintball is perfect for teams who are loves thrills and strategy planning, making it perfect for team building. The staff members are very experienced, hence team members do not have to worry about competency level. The staff would split the teams into both beginners and advanced levels before competing with each other. Learn to seek cover, attack and defend with your fellow teammates and complement each other with your strength and weaknesses. Companies also get to customise their own corporate t-shirts and wear it as a team t shirt! Get ready for a full day of fun and adrenaline pumping activities as you suit up and versus your teammates!

Team building activity - PaintBall

Source: http://weplaypaintball.com/corporate-package/

Singapore team building activity: Paintball
6755 7537 / 6659 4782
Website :http://weplaypaintball.com/corporate-package/

2. Gokart - race as a team

Singapore’s first electric go kart track offers maximum entertainment when you steer these karts that are made for speed. It is centrally located, making it convenient for companies to access for team building activities. The track is about 500 metre long with about 11 corners, with a few overtaking corners, making it perfect for the competitive ones. Fret not if your team members are worried about sweating because they can get their hands on the racing simulator in the air-conditioned lounge. Team members get to select their desired track , from the world famous international racing track to the very own karting arena track. Companies get to choose if they prefer to race in the private lounge area for better privacy, or if they prefer to race in the outdoor sheltered area. Now sit back relax and enjoy a fun and safe karting experience with your team!


Team building activity - Gokart

Source: https://www.facebook.com/thekartingarena/

Singapore team building activity: Gokart
Address: 200 Turf Club Road, #01-01B, The Grandstand, South Car Park
Singapore, 287994
Contact: +65 9627 6771
Website: https://www.thekartingarena.com/facilities

3.  Bubble Soccer - Compete as a team

Now colleagues worried about mud and grass do not have to worry anymore, for bubble soccer is to the rescue! Team up with your colleagues to play a game of soccer without worrying about getting yourself dirty. Decide on your teams, and wear a plastic bubble soccer suit. But a word of caution: The suit is really bulky. So be weary about wearing the bubble soccer suit and try your best to kick the ball without tumbling yourselves or your teammates over. Bubble soccer would also be conducted by experienced facilitators who underwent strict assessment so members do not need to be worried about the lack of guidance. Also, team members who are tired of playing ordinary soccer can request to play other variants of bubble soccer too! Team members also need not worry about getting injured as they would be covered in equipment that have underwent strict quality check. Teams can also decide if to carry out the game at 2 Whitley Road or at a place of their own convenience. Get ready for a full day of fun and laughter! 

Team Building Activity - Bubble Soccer

Source: https://bubblesoccer.sg/

Singapore team building activity: Bubble Soccer 
Address: 2 Whitley Road
Contact: hello@bubblesoccer.sg 
Website: https://bubblesoccer.sg/

4.  Build a Bicycle with your team

If your company is looking to do something uniquely for team building, why not try your hands at making a bike for the underprivileged? While it is common for us to travel to work and school using public transport, car and grab, many of these under privilege children simply yearn for a bike to go to school. Now your team can personally build a bike for under privileged children from scratch by solving puzzles . You can break out into teams to collect the bolts and nuts which will have to be earned by solving puzzles. Now you can wear your thinking caps as a team to solve difficult questions and do good together! Teams will have to assemble the bicycle within a short time frame to win. So remember to work together and think fast!

Team building Building Bicycle

Source: https://villagesingapura.com/project/build-a-dream-team-building/

Singapore team building activity: Building Bicycle  
Address: #06-01,Chan Khoo Kong Huay,
29 Lorong 29 Geylang, Singapore 388078
Contact: +65 6635 7741 
Website: https://villagesingapura.com

5.  VR - Experience as a team

Experience team building in a virtual world, where you can escape from reality with your teammates. Get to experience the world where zombies exist, and villians from space are after you. Fight alongside with your bosses and colleagues to defeat these villains and survive the zombie apocalypse. Have a fun time with your team, and triumph over the enemy and come out victorious with your team!

Team building Activity - Virtual Experience

Source: https://www.zerolatencyvr.com.sg/events.php

Singapore team building activity: Virtual Reality 
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-346/347
Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983
Contact: contact_us@zerolatencyvr.com.sg
Website: https://www.zerolatencyvr.com.sg/events.php

6. Pottery Team Building Workshop  

Come as a team and destress yourselves through the art of pottery. Join us in our corporate pottery workshop where teams can break out into small groups. To reinforce the importance of teamwork, teams may opt to work on one art piece together, or each make a component that will eventually form a finished piece, creating memorable experiences. Teams can also carve their own company logo, group name or department name on the art form.

Use this time to relax, and concentrate on the present while enjoying the whole process of forming your art work. Be as creative as you want!.Experience the therapeutic effect of pottery when you run  your hands through our clay and realise the soothing effect that pottery brings. Simply forget about your work for a day, and learn to be present and focus on your own personal well being while building chemistry with your colleagues.

Source: Pottery.sg

Singapore team building activity: Pottery Making 
Address: 394 Joo Chiat Place Singapore 428078
Contact: hello@pottery.sg.
Website: https://www.pottery.sg/pages/team-building

7. Art Jamming with your team

Corporates looking to better understand team dynamics would love to engage Arteastiq for your team building activities. Instead of going through dry and boring corporate workshop to learn about different personalities, team members get to express their creativity freely on a piece of canvas. Through your finished art work, you can understand yourself and your team members better, which will help in team dynamics. Our certified trainers will interpret the personalities through your session of art jamming. So in the midst of your art jamming, artepret would be doing a team analysis for you to better understand your teammates and colleagues. Artepret can accommodate team size from 8 - 50. Remember to book your slot to get your team dynamics interpreted!


Team Building Activity Art Jamming

Source: https://www.thefunempire.com/art-jamming

Singapore team building activity: Art Jamming
 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685
Website: https://www.thefunempire.com/art-jamming


8. Leather Crafting with your team

For teams who are more creative minded can consider a leather crafting workshop. Team mates get to walk away with their own customised leather wallet. Teams would take part in a comprehensive workshop with their own choice of leather and colours, and experience skills and techniques such as cutting of leather, and punching of holes. The leather crafting studio would be able to cater up to 35 individuals. Team mates would get to learn the art of leather making, from the cutting of leather, to stitching and to personalisation of names. Fret not if your team is more than 35 members for the company can bring the workshop to you.

Team building activity leather crafting workshop

Source: https://www.makethproject.com/corporate-workshops

Singapore team building activity: Leather Crafting 
Address: 68B Race Course Rd, Singapore, 218571
Website: https://www.makethproject.com/corporate-workshops


9.  Soap Making with your team

Teams who are into DIY would enjoy soap making as one of the team building activities. Teams would work together and explore the different methods of soap making. The soap used plant-based ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. Register for the team building workshop if your team is keen on having a
hands-on experience with the art of soap making in a cosy environment.

Team building activity - Soap making

Source: https://www.sugarandspice.com.sg/private-event

Singapore team building activity: Soap Making
Address: 81 Ubi Avenue 4, #10-19 UB. ONE, Singapore 408830.
Website: https://www.sugarandspice.com.sg/private-event

10.   Chocolate Making with your team

Corporates with team members who are artisanal chocolate fans can consider chocolate making for their team building workshop. Team members get to try their hands at making their very own artisanal chocolate truffles from quality ingredients. Throughout the workshop, teammates get to bond through the art of chocolate making and learn about the different flavour profiles and taste the difference of single origin chocolate.

Team Building Activity - Chocolate Making

Source: https://www.fossachocolate.com/workshops

Singapore team building activity: Chocolate Making 
Website: https://www.fossachocolate.com/workshops

11.   Rafting – Build a Raft with your team

If your team is into sports and outdoor activity, consider making a raft as a team building activity.  The rafting challenge is the perfect team building activity as team members have to constantly communicate and work together to build a raft. Most importantly, teams would have to use this raft to sail across the waters, making it even more exciting. The Sea currents are unpredictable and ever-changing, which means that the teams would have to communicate even more to coordinate their movements.

Team Building Activity - Building a Raft

Source: https://www.ashcombeadventure.co.uk/activity/raft-building

Singapore team building activity: Rafting Contact: info@FOCUSAdventure.com
Website: http://www.focusadventure.com/team-building/the-rafting-challenge/

12.   Bowl with your team

While bowling is probably the most traditional team building activity, it might be the most suitable for your team. Split your team into small groups , make sure that each side's strength is equal to ensure that the score is not too loop-sided and you are good to go! You might be surprised at some hidden talent of your own colleague! Bowling also provides positive reinforcement of teamwork when teammates help each other out, and allows for interpersonal relationships to be built in the process. This provides for learning and growth within the team. And if you are sick of conventional bowling, you can also get your hands on neon bowling! Get ready to bowl your worries away! 


Team building activity - Bowling

Source: TheFunEmpire

Singapore team building activity: Bowl with your team 
Website: https://www.thefunempire.com/bowling

13. Trek in the Kranji Marshes with your team

Time to explore the nature after sitting indoor for such a long time. Get yourself into teams and put on your trekking boots and get ready for a trek around Singapore’s largest freshwater farmland. Bond with your teammates, talk about the little things in life as you stroll through the Kranji marshes, making the perfect team bonding activity ever. As your walk and talk, be mesmerized by a panoramic view of the surrounding marshes atop a 10.65m wooden structure. If you’re lucky, you may even get to spot migratory birds of prey like the Black Baza and Japanese Sparrowhawk.  Hurry get your teams outdoor today!

Team building activity - Trekking

Source: Urban Redevelopment Authority 

Address: Kranji Marshes, Lim Chu Kang 

14.   Relax on a yacht with your team

If your team building activity has a bit of a budget, then consider rental a yacht to relax together as team. While it may be a luxurious activity to some, relaxing on a yacht is one of the best ways to re-energize and bond with your team. Talk to your teammates, enjoy the good food while out in the sea, and stare into the limitless sea view while having the wind blow at you. Take your mind off work for once, as you enjoy the peacefulness of being out at sea while cruising to Lazarus or St John Island. Teams who have more time and money to spare can even consider sailing to Bintan.


Team building activity - relaxing on a yacht

Source: Yachtrental 

Singapore team building activity: Relax on a Yacht

15. Floral arrangement with your teams

If you have a team of flower lovers, then floral arrangement might be the team building activity for you. In the floral arrangement team building workshop, teams can create your very own bouquet or table piece in a relaxing session of learning to select and complement blooms and foliage that suit your personality and style. Using flowers that you have selected, you will leave with a beautifully-made finished work of art.

Team building activity - floral arrangement

Source: Floral Workshop 

Singapore team building activity: Floral Arrangement 
Address: Block 52 Chin Swee Road #03-39 S160052
Contact: hello@helloflowers.sg
Website: http://helloflowers.sg/floral-workshop

16. Coffee Appreciation as a team

Most of your team members probably need at least a cup of coffee a day. So what's  a better team building activity apart from a coffee appreciation workshop? In the team building workshop, teammates would get to learn about the history behind coffee, and the art and craft behind coffee. What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino? How is coffee discovered? All these and more will be introduced at the team building workshop and teammates would begin a journey on discovering the long journey of coffee making , and brew their own coffee!

Team building Activity - Coffee Appreciation

Source: Bettrbarista

Singapore team building activity: Coffee Appreciation
Website: https://www.bettrbarista.com/experience-workshop

17. Cook a three-course meal with your team

If your teammates are hardcore fans of masterchefs, then designing their own three course meal might be the most exciting team building activity ever. Teams would attend customized culinary class under the guidance of  in-house professional chefs. Teams would definitely bond with each other as they need to help each other throughout the cooking process and most importantly, deepen the bonding through good food. During the team building workshop, teams mates would experience the art of preparing and cooking a three-course meal, complete with welcome canapes and drinks. Teammates can then sit together to enjoy your delicious end products with exquisite wine, making it another round of a perfect team bonding activity!


Team building - Culinary

Source: Culinary 

Singapore team building activity: Cook a three course meal
One Raffles Place, Tower 2, #04-63Singapore 048616
Contact: welcome@culinaryon.sg
Website: https://culinaryon.sg/about.html


18. Food donation drive / Food bank as a team

If you are looking to do a meaningful activity as a team, food donation drive might be a good option for team building activity. Volunteer as a team for a day at the Food Bank by helping out with tasks such as inventory-taking, sorting and packing that we have received, or help with distribution to beneficiaries and needy families in our community. Through this process, team mates also get to discover about others strengths and weaknesses, and may be inspired to give back to the society even more.

Team building activity - food bank donation

Source: Food Bank 

Singapore team building activity: Food donation drive 
The Food Bank Singapore Ltd
39 Keppel Road #01-02/04, 
Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065
Website:  https://www.foodbank.sg/index.php/programmes-events

19. Spend a day in the countryside as a team

Working in Singapore can get really stressful. As a team, consider spend a day at the countryside for an effective team building activity. Get away from the hustle and bustle of city-living and immerse yourself in an enriching learning experience. As a team, learn to plant a paddy, or get insights on planting herbs, fruits and vegetables in our very own apartment!

Team building activity - Farm Tour

Source: BollywoodVeggie 

Singapore team building activity: Farm Tours 
100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026 (Kranji) 
Website: http://bollywoodveggies.com/events-activities/farm-tours-activities


20. Learn about organic farming as a team

Your team members most likely love food, but do they know where their food is from? As a team, explore the origins of food as a team building activity. Get your mind off work for once, and leave the hustle of the city life. Learn to be more mindful, and get connected with food, and appreciate the work behind the vegetables that we are aband learn the traditional farming ways. Our farmers will be more than happy to share with you on their sustainable farming model!

Team building - organic farming


Singapore team building activity: Organic Farming 
Address: Edible Garden City Pte Ltd.
60 Jln Penjara, Singapore 14937
Contact: hello@ediblegardencity.com
Website:  https://www.ediblegardencity.com/teach

21.   Candle Making as a team

Scented candle has gradually became a necessity for home decoration and a good night sleep. But what if your team can make it their own? Consider candle making as one of your team building workshop. As a team, enjoy a quality learning session with in-house expert, and learn how to make items such as scented clay ornaments, multi-coloured candles and more!

Team building - making candles

Source: Sallysroom

Singapore team building activity: Candle Making 
Address: 4 Everton Park , #01-44, SINGAPORE 080004
Contact: enquiries@sallysroom-sg.com
Website: https://www.sallysroom-sg.com/corporate-candle-making-workshop/

22. Team Trekking

Explore the natural reserves of Singapore as a team for a wonderful day of team building. Slow down your pace of life and breathe in the fresh air in the wee hours of the day. Climb to the top of Bukit Timah Hill, or explore the tree top walk in MacRitchie. If your team have more time to spare, take a 15 minutes boat ride to Pulau Ubin and cycle as a team to Chek Jawa and say hi to wild boars on the way. As a team, use this day to unwind and learn more about each other.

Team building activity - trekkingSource: Blogpastor 

Singapore team building activity: Team Trekking

23. Team Kayaking

Kayaking is perfect for teams who love water. Explore kayaking in Pulau Ubin if you want to be away from the city life. As a team, follow certified instructors along the route and enjoy the picturesque sceneries as you kayak past. Also get ready to greet the wildlife sightings like hornbills and monitor lizards and occasionally, otters! Team members do not have to worry about their ability as it can be catered to both beginners and advanced levels.


Team building activity kayaking

Source: adventures.asiandetours

Singapore team building activity: Team Kayaking  
Address:  Pulau Ubin
Website:  https://www.klook.com/activity/115-nature-kayaking-singapore/

24. DragonBoating as a team

As a team, take up the challenge of rowing a dragon boat. Rowing the boat in a coordinated manner takes alot of team work and coordination, making it the perfect team building activity. Be ready to have a great workout while bonding with your team!

Team building activity - dragon boat

Source: DBI 

Singapore team building activity: Team Dragon Boating 
Address: 81 UBI AVENUE 4 UB.ONE, #06-26

Contact: info@dbi.com.sg
Website: http://www.dbi.com.sg/dragon-boating/dragon-boating-programs