Finding Your Center

Every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, Center Pottery hosts mental health patients for 3-hour long sessions. Over a 12-week period, these patients learn the basics of pottery and the different forms and techniques to create their own functional, useful pieces. These students attend classes at subsidised rates, giving them a different form of therapy – art as therapy, through learning pottery and making ceramics.

There is more to pottery than the artfulness of it – even the prettiest of bowls and plates have a function, a use that ensures its value for years to come.

Our lessons at Center Pottery are unique because we focus on the concept of mindfulness during our lessons. Creating art with purpose gives our students a focus, helping them find their center while they quietly create something useful.

As a social enterprise, we aim to benefit the patients through the therapeutic benefits of art. It is our hope that they will be on a steady path to recovery through pottery therapy. Over time, they may also progress to become better artists, creating their own wares that are of marketable quality as a form of income, and finding their place as a contributing member of society.

Our hope is to encourage mental health awareness with our work. Our clients and partners include The Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH), Heart to Heart Psychotherapy, and SportPsych Consulting. We do not replace medical treatment, but instead offer a supplement to aid in patients’ recovery, and emphasise the importance of seeking medical and psychological intervention.