PLAYING WITH FIRE - Tokoname Wood-Firing Ceramics Exhibition

Tokoname Wood-Firing Ceramics Exhibition August 2020

Exhibition: Playing with Fire by 3Arts Pottery

Date & Time: 

  • Playing with Fire: Tokoname Wood-Firing Exhibition Preview –  21 August 2020 (Fri)  from 11am-9pm (Free admission) 
  • Playing with Fire exhibition – 21 August to 27 August from 11am-8pm (Free admission)
  • Ikebana flower arrangement demonstration by Jenny Chew – 22 August (Sat) and 23 August (Sun) from 3pm-4pm (RSVP only) (free admission)

Venue: Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery

About this exhibition:

Organised by 3Arts Pottery, “Playing with Fire” is a Tokoname Wood-fired ceramics Exhibition showcasing 14 local artists and 2 Japanese master potters’ ceramic artworks that were birthed through the traditional wood-firing Anagama kiln in Tokoname, Japan. The participating artists are Tang Chong Wing, Toh Kiam Hock, Tan Ah Chiew, Tan Geok Chye, Tom Lim, Margaret Lee , Johnny Lee, Wong Juat Ngoh, Hazel Ng, Jaslin Poh, Judith Chew, Kwan Ru Shan, Cassandra Lai, Tan Shao Qi, Peter Seabridge and Masahiro Kumagae.

These beautiful artworks are fired through a long and arduous 3-day process of stoking the fire and flames in the wood-fired anagama kiln. Flying ashes and volatile salts then fill the atmosphere within the kiln, resulting in beautiful natural wood ash-glazed artworks.

The potters spend long hours tending to the 1300 degrees raging fire, with hopes that the high heat and flames will engulf their works so that the natural ashes produced will settle on the clay. This would produce unpredictable colours and textures on their artworks, only achievable by using this traditional technique unrivalled by contemporary firing methods.


Our 16 Artists For This Exhibition:
Tang Chong Wing
Toh Kiam Hock
Tan Ah Chiew
Tan Geok Chye
Tom Lim
Margaret Lee
Johnny Lee
Wong Juat Ngoh
Hazel Ng
Jaslin Poh
Judith Chew
Kwan Ru Shan
Cassandra Lai
Tan Shao Qi
Peter Seabridge [ Guest ]
Masahiro Kumagae [ Guest ]