Student's Testimony : Wink Yeo

"Throwing pottery is a skill I admire. I attended trial classes in other studios before, and I was so demoralized by the experience that I wanted to give up." - Wink Yeo

Wink is a student with 3Arts since July 2018. Having had prior bad experiences with pottery, Wink hesitated to start pottery again. 

How did you begin your journey with 3Arts despite the fears you had? 

Throwing pottery is a skill I have always admired. I took up trial lessons in other studios but those experiences were demoralizing and I wanted to give up completely. 

I walked past the (then) newly opened 3Arts pottery studio one day and I felt a sense of renewed interest. However, I did not enter the studio (3Arts) as previous bad experiences at the other studios still affected me.

After a few weeks of deliberation, I decided that I would give pottery another shot. Determined, I signed up for regular classes with 3Arts.

How would you describe your experience in 3Arts? 

The teachers at 3Arts are friendly and encouraging. I also love the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the studio - it constantly motivates me to learn better. 

How has the pottery journey been for you since? 

The learning process of pottery is hard. I overcame hurdles after hurdles thanks to the help of encouraging, passionate and friendly teachers, whom I appreciate a lot. I enjoyed every moment at the studio - whether I threw an art piece successfully or not. 

It is an accomplishment for me to have attained Level 3 (Advanced) Certification - Wheel-Throwing at 3Arts, and I am very grateful to all the teachers. They have taught me beyond technical skills and shared with me valuable life lessons - one of which is the virtue of patience.

 wink and jaslin wheel throwing level 3 wink and jaslin wheel throwing level 3


Wink is now pursuing her studies in Fine Arts in the UK. We wish her all the best in her studies, and we look forward to having her back in our studio when she returns to Singapore for her term breaks. 

If the thought of taking up regular pottery classes has been weighing on your mind, drop us an email or talk to us to clarify any fear and doubts. We hope to walk alongside you on your pottery journey - hope to see you in our studio!