Students' Testimony : Giacomo and Julia

“We have been doing wheel-throwing session for a couple of months now and we love every single session. Even though the learning process can be frustrating at times, Master Tom the instructor and the whole crew at 3Arts is very supportive and patient. Pottery is now one of our favorite hobbies and it is even better in the kind of environment that is at 3Arts.” - Giacomo and Julia

Giacomo and Julia joined 3Arts in 2019 and took up the wheel-throwing regular course, as they wanted to try something new, having lived in Singapore for a while now.

Though at first daunting, they quickly fell in love with the therapeutic nature of clay and the calming effect it has on them. It is not without frustrations though, as not every try is successful. But pottery has taught them much about themselves and led them to learn patience along the way. 

Why do you love pottery? How has your learning journey been so far?

We love the way that pottery has a calming, but inspiring effect on us. Not every session is successful - many times it is challenging to manage the 4 basic steps of pottery. But it has also taught us to stay focused and to keep on trying. In part, as I am rather impatient, pottery has had a positive impact on me personally.

What do you enjoy about your pottery sessions at 3Arts x Center Pottery?

The teachers are responsive and quick to help when you are stuck and struggling. The green environment is also appealing. 

Anything you would like to share with our readers?

Give pottery a try! You will discover new skills that are very ancient but fits so well into our modern context - where we all need a bit of silence and focus amidst all the stress and hectic moments that a big city brings with it.

Giacomo and Julia are now traveling on the other side of the globe and we look forward to having them back in our studio soon!