Student's Testimony: J. Ng

J. deliberated for a while before deciding to learn pottery proper - she holds a regular day job. She started her pottery journey with 3Arts in May 2019 and has since completed her Level 1 Wheel-Throwing module. She is now on her Level 2 certification - Wheel Throwing after having complete a round of Refining Techniques: Wheel-Throwing. 

“I’ve always wanted to pick up pottery but never had the time to. Eventually, I realized that everyone has the same amount of time and that if I really wanted to do so, I would make time for it.” - J. Ng


Why did you choose to attend pottery lessons at 3Arts?

I chanced upon 3Arts when I googled for classes & the schedule was a perfect fit for me. On top of that, the prices are affordable & the location is easily accessible.

What do you like about learning pottery at 3Arts?

Creating something out of a simple clay ball is really therapeutic & it has cultivated more patience as well as resilience in me especially when a piece fails or falls short of my expectations. Each time this happens, the approachable & capable instructors at 3Arts would not hesitate to come over to teach me & refine my techniques.

What I like about 3Arts is that even though the instructors have a wealth of experience, they do not just take over the wheel but they guide you through the entire process. The friendly staff at 3Arts makes coming for classes a joy despite the fact that I am not a morning person.

Thank you 3Arts! - J.