Benefits of our Pottery Classes

“To apply yourself in pottery, you have to be present in the moment, be strong and focused, yet sensitive to the touch and feel the subtleties of the clay.”

Pottery is an art form that has existed for millennia, evolving from the creation of simple, everyday items, to intricate works of art. Everyone will be able to discover their own enjoyment and comfort deriving from Pottery.


Learn, appreciate and enjoy the making of your own unique and functional art pieces

Progressive Learning

We offer a holistic and robust curriculum suited to students of different levels - ranging from Beginners to Advanced 

Enhanced Concentration

Art with a purpose of finding your center while you create something useful

Relaxing Environment

Have your mind relax and release any pressure amidst the calm, peaceful setting

Learn Self-care

A positive outlet for you to do whatever you please, contemplate life’s meaning and purpose

Help & Support

A warm and welcoming atmosphere for all to learn, share and have fun together

Gain Valuable Life Lessons

At every step, embrace uncertainty and set goals, press on and never give up. Be confident as you see your art piece slowly forming into shape

Mental Health Recovery

Benefit from the therapeutic art through mindfulness and self-care, generating positive memories and emotions