Our Story

"Every piece of work make holds the spirit of our journey through life, and is a reflection of how we use clay to express our thoughts, hopes, and struggles. Through the physical touch we have with raw earth, we hope students will wake up and come to class full of appreciation for the life we have, celebrate the beauty of creation, and go forth to share love and gratitude with others."

– Joan

Center Pottery was founded by Joan Huang. With her background in Japanese Studies and Medicine, she brings together her pottery expertise and healthcare experience at Center Pottery to promote the benefits of clay, ceramics, and pottery for mental health in Singapore.

Pottery is a sensory experience where one relishes the touch and feel. For Joan, the greatest joy comes from holding and using each finished piece, appreciating its texture, weight, thickness, design, etc. She hopes that through those tangible pieces of art, each of us will have the chance to hold and contemplate the process of creation, of life, of usefulness and meaning.

No matter where you are on this life's journey, Center Pottery is an invitation to discover yourself, and experience an art form that will transform you to the core, helping you center your mind and spirit and find tranquility. There are valuable lessons to learn from pottery and it is Center Pottery’s mission to take you on that journey.

3Arts is a ceramics studio conducting workshops for pottery, founded by and for potters passionate about the art form. In providing regular classes targeted at different skill levels, we aim to encourage students to continually progress and develop in their pottery-making abilities.

With our experienced trainers, including Master Potter Tom, with over 20 years of experience making and teaching pottery, we cater to and connect with individuals and potters from various stages of their pottery-making journey. Be it curious beginners wanting to get their first taste of ceramics, or seasoned potters looking to further hone their craft, we hope to build and grow a community of potters who might come from very different walks of life, but share the same common love for the craft.

Our Values


We combine the science of modern psychology and clay art into a mental health curriculum. It is designed to improve mental health and well being in Singapore through pottery and is suitable for general public and mental health patients.


We believe in positivity; to redirect all the negative energy and to see the beauty in all imperfections. Our objective is to create a warm atmosphere where all our students can come to learn and develop their skills in confidence.


Everything is about the journey; about the process of turning a simple piece of clay to something that represent a piece of yourself in this world. The inner peace and focus you take away from pottery will support you on your life journey and significantly benefit your mind and body.

Dedicated to do Good

We believe in doing good and giving back to our society. This is why sales of our handmade ceramic wares go towards funding of special programs to help patients, elderly, underprivileged and many more. Also, we subsidized rates for diagnosed patients to help them in their recovery.