Our Teachers

“Making pottery is symbolic of the journey of life. If something unpleasant happens to your piece, let it go and try again. Never give up; press on and make many more successful pieces.”

This is the core belief about pottery and learning across all our instructors and therapists. We hope that students take away their beauty of creation, and go forth to share love and gratitude with others. 

Joan Huang (MD)

With a great passion and love for ceramics, Joan founded Center Pottery Studio, with a special mission to use clay through art therapy to help mental health individuals. Joan excels and is successful in her pursuits, she is not only a Doctor of Medicine, but also an  accomplished Sea Games Gold Medalist in Sailing.

Joan has deep appreciation for the Japanese aesthetic, ceramics being one of the pillars of Japanese Art. She studied ceramics at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, under the tutorage of  master potter Sumi Maeshima. Her passion for making pottery led her to continue her study at the Main Line Art Center in Philadelphia, with master potter Bob Deane.

Joan enjoys making utilitarian forms; ceramic pieces that are useful and used daily. Metaphorically, she sees each piece as an extension/projection of self, thus it is important to her that each piece is useful, just as she hopes to be useful.