Pottery Class Package

Get to customise your own pottery, from the clay to the moulding to the designing. We believe that each pottery should express the attitude and personality of the potter. Learn from the master potter himself in the pottery class and experience the therapy it brings.

Our programs are taught by senior potters with more than 20 years of experience.

we offer

1) Handbuilding (Manual spinning wheel)

Suitable for adults and those 9 years old and above.
Parents to accompany children who are 7-8 years old.

2) Wheel-throwing (Electric spinning wheel)

Suitable for adults and those 12 years old and above.

Choose between Handbuilding and Wheel-throwing when you sign up for our pottery class package.
We offer classes from Beginner to Advanced levels. No experience required.
If you have prior experience, you may come for an assessment to see which level you are suited to join. (Fees applicable, can be offset at course signup)
We offer regular lessons throughout the week for students at various stages of their pottery journey. This is an ongoing pottery class.

Course outline

  • How to prepare your clay               
  • What are the equipment & tools and how to use them               
  • What are the different stages in the process of pottery making               
  • How to transform clay into a cylinder using the potter's wheel               
  • Basic Pottery shapes               
  • How to trim a foot rim               
  • How to apply glaze on pottery               

Pottery skill takes time and practice to develop. Our program allows the instructor to monitor and guide according to your progress. You will progress at your own pace, according to our curriculum.

        What can you make?

        • Cylinder forms like cups,                
        • V-shaped bowls,                
        • Half-sphere bowls,               
        • Vases of various shapes.               

        Level 2 onwards, you will learn to create larger items with more confidence.


          Mini Course:
          3hr x 5 lessons
          $345   [temporarily unavailable for Electric wheel course]

          Inclusive 1 bag of 5kg clay, all tools & equipment,
          firing & glazing of 4 artworks
          Full Course:
          3hr x 10 lessons 

          Inclusive of 1 bag of 10kg clay, all tools & equipment,
          firing & glazing of 10 artworks

          The last lesson is dedicated to glazing which will be scheduled in about a months' time from the last lesson.

          What can you bring home: 4-10 pieces of glaze fired pottery (If you have more than the included 4-10 pieces and wish to keep them all, we will fire them for you with additional charges for firing at about $10/piece.) 


          ​The package is valid for 1.5 months (Mini course) and 3 months (Full course) from the date of first class.
          Cancellation of booking is allowed up to 48 hours before the class starts.
          Unattended bookings will be considered as no show and used.
          Max. participants per class: 6 pax


          WHy Sign up with Us?

          No waiting time - You don't have to wait for the course starting date. You decide when to start!

          Flexible online booking system - Book your classes to suit your time arrangement.

          No pre-requisite programme - You do not need to have any experience or start-up courses to get started. Start now!

          Less students, more attention - We limit each session to only 6 students because we want to be more attentive to you.

          Professional & personalized coaching - You do not have to worry that you are unable to catch up with the standard curriculum and missed out the important details. The courses will be specially customized according to your needs and speed.

          Free drinks and snacks - Grab a cold drink from our fridge! Take a break and chat with fellow students and potters. Post your new hobby on social media!

          How to sign up?

          • Contact us using the contact form below          
          • What program are you considering - Wheel-throwing or Handbuilding?           
          • Your start date and time         
          • Handbuilding Course WEEKDAY PROMOTION. Only $550 for 10 lessons (original price $665)! Available for the first 12 signups        
          • We will be in touch! Thank you!          

          Regular Classes

          If you would like to register for regular classes,
          we would love to help you out.

           9720 8055