Pottery Workshop - Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore

Team Building via Pottery Workshops

We have hosted many groups for their team building/team bonding at our pottery studios! Interested in organising a fun day for your team? You can join us for a muddy fun time with your friends & colleagues!

We will recommend a programme best suited to your group needs, event objectives and your budget. Our studios can accommodate 5, 15 and even 150 participants. 

Activities we offer:

  • Handbuilding
    • Free-forming on the table
    • With Banding Wheel (manual spinning wheel)
  • Wheel-throwing (electric spinning wheel)
  • Handbuilding and Wheel-throwing Co-creation

During the workshop, you will get to create your very own masters pieces - bowls, cups, plates, vases, pots, sculptures - you choose! Add handles to your mugs, decorate your artwork with names, ornaments, leaves, carvings, company logos - anything you want, in our handbuilding workshop. Whereas in our wheel-throwing workshop, the items you make will usually be round and smooth.

Clay Types:

  • Fired Pottery Clay
    • Items will be food-safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe
    • Items will need to be fired twice in the kiln. The pieces will be ready in 8 weeks.
  • High Quality Air-dry Clay (for Handbuilding only)
    • Items made will not be food-safe. They can be used to contain keys, coins, accessories, jewelry etc.
    • You can bring home your artwork on the day itself. We will provide paper bags for you to.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Basic pottery skills
  • Understanding processes of pottery
  • Creating an original art piece using clay

Why are our activities relevant for teambuilding/team bonding?

  • Team building and bonding through brainstorming ideas together
  • Enhancing team dynamics as individuals/groups create team artworks
  • Promoting and shaping attitudes to learning by sharing a new experience
  • Create a time of bonding, interaction and spending quality time together in making art piece

Please provide us with as much information as you can (no. of participants, date and time in mind, location preference etc.) in our contact form below and we will get back to you shortly! Alternatively, Call us at +65 9720 8055 / +65 9159 7119 or Email us at hello@pottery.sg.