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Trinket-making Workshop (Boutique Fairs Spring/Summer Edition)

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Center Pottery is excited to participate in Boutiques Fair Spring/Summer Edition this March to host a trinket-making workshop!

We will be at Boutique Fairs for a 1-hour trinket-making class for these three days ONLY! Design and carve a little sculpture for your very own hand-made trinket dish! Let your creativity and imagination run wild!

You will be making a little sculpture of your own to put on the provided hand-made trinket plate.  We will glaze the trinket dishes in white and fire the plate for you. It will be food-safe and be collected or delivered to you in 8 weeks' time to hold your beautiful "blings blings" (pieces of jewellery)!

Join us from 3.30pm - 4.30pm from 29th March to 31st March.

Don't miss them out and sign up here!

Location: Boutiques Fair @ F1 Pit Building; Center Pottery Booth on Social #03-02

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