20 Stay-Home Activities for Kids in Singapore

20 Simple Stay-Home Activities for Your Kids in Singapore 

It can be really tough trying to engage with your kids at home without any places to go, particularly during this circuit breaker period. However, staying at home can be really enriching for both the body and the mind. Staying at home with your kids need not be just confined to screens and electronic devices. Take time out this circuit breaker period, to bond with your kids over hands on activities while spending some precious time together! We have made a list of activities that you could try out with your kids during this period at home. Keep them engaged and entertained for hours with these wallet-friendly activities!

1. Stay home activity  for kids : Design A Sneaker

Stay home activity in Singapore: Sneaker Designing

Thought of throwing an old pair of shoe out during this period? How about giving it a fresh look? Give your old pair of shoes a fresh leash of life, with just fabric markers! your child can learn to  transform an old school shoe into a unique pair of shoes that represents your personality. This tutorial by McE Art teaches you different ways of doing so :


Fabric markers can be purchased online here :



2. Stay home activity for kids : Help out in household chores 

Stay home activities for kids household chores

This is the perfect period for your child to start taking on the burden of household chores. Time for your child to pick up life skills and responsibilities, and take some load off your shoulders too!

Some ideas of age-appropriate chores can be found here :



3. Stay home activity in Singapore: Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser

stay home activity making own hand sanitiser

What can be an even more timely period than now, making hand sanitizer with your child! Spend time to educate your child on the importance of personal hygiene, simple scientific knowledge like bacterial or viral infection, while customising your very own hand sanitiser! 



4. Stay home activity in Singapore: Home-Made Play Dough

Stay home activity in Singapore making play dough

Do you still remember those days of play dough, whereby we would imagine ourselves as famous chefs, cutting up the dough into small slices, pretending to be whipping up a Michelin dish? While happy, our parents would kick up a fuss for messing up our homes. Well, now you have the perfect reason to reminisce your childhood by creating your very own home made play dough! Simple steps, and all ingredients are safe for toddlers. This low-cost activity is sure to keep your young ones entertained for a long time.

Learn how to make this stay home activity through this link today! 



5. Stay home activity in Singapore: Build a Blanket Fort

Stay home activity in Singapore building a blanket fort

Now you can take some time with your child, to build the princess or prince bed that your daughter or son have always dreamed of! Enjoy the reward of your hard work, by chilling with your family over a movie night. Snuggle with your child in his/her bed for some tea time. Learn how to enjoy this stay home activity with your child with this link! 



6. Stay home activity: Making your own pottery 


stay home activity making pottery


Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be able to own and make your very own cutlery? From the bowls you used to eat, to the cups you used to drink, or to the small items that you used to decorate your house, all these could be made using a pottery kit! Take this time to slow down the pace of life with your child, and explore the art of pottery, and enjoy living in the present. Simply purchase the kit with this link and enjoy this stay home activity. 



 7Stay home activity in Singapore: Bake Delicious Mug Cakes

Stay home activity making mug cake

Now that its not so convenient to get your favourite cake or dessert, why not put on your baking hat with your child! Have fun making mug cakes with your children during this stay home period.Mug cakes are a great way to get kids started with simple baking. Get to decide on your favourite flavour, be generous with the toppings that you love, and get to educate your child with simple mathematical concept with this stay home activity! From simple calculation, to understanding timing and precision. Seize all learning opportunity with your child this period! 

Learn this stay home activity of mug cake making through this article! 



8. Stay home activity in Singapore: Make Slime

Stay home activity in Singapore making slime at home

Still remember those runs that you would make to convenient store and bookstore so to buy those slimy slime to show off to your classmates the very next day? Now as a parent, you don't have to make those run secretly anymore. Instead, get to make your very own slime with your child! Ingredients needed are affordable and easily-accessible! Feel free to add colours and glitter to make this activity extra fun.

Get to indulge in this stay home activity through this article : 



9. Stay home activity in SingaporePhonics Ball Game

 Stay home activity through phonics ball

 We know that the closure of enrichment lessons and tuition classes can be a headache for many parents, especially for those that are sending their children to language lessons. So we have identified this phonics ball game that allows you to teach your child phonics easily! An interactive learning experience for kids, ensuring a fun and memorable out-of-classroom learning. 

Find out how you can teach your child phonics with this stay home activity with this link! 



10. Stay home activity in SingaporePlant A Vegetable

Stay home activity gardening activities with kids

Now that grocery prices are rising and supplies are cutting short, maybe its time for you to grow vegetables with your child with your home corridors! 

Gardening is also a great way for kids to learn skills that cannot be acquired in the classroom. You do not need to have green fingers to start, this website provides helpful tips on how you can get started.Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the fruits of your labour. 




 11. Stay home activity in Singapore: Online Painting Classes

Stay home activity in Singapore painting with children


Take some time to discover the Picasso within your child! Enjoy some time painting with your child with Chalk N Pencils during this very special period! It is currently offering free online painting classes every Saturday, art supplies needed will be brushes, canvas, and acrylic paints. Don’t worry if you do not have these supplies at home, they offer delivery of stay-home kits too! Don't worry if you think that you have no artistic talent. Just be creative and draw whatever that amazes you and your child. Get ready to enjoy this stay home activity with your child through this link today: 



12. Stay home activity in Singapore: Chrome Music Lab

stay home activity music lesson

Now that music enrichment lessons are closed and teachers would not be able to visit your homes to teach your children music lessons, why not try out Chrome Music Lab to hone your child's music talent? Chrome Music Lab provides fun hands-on experiments for kids to try their hand at making their own music. This platform is free and does not require you to get an account.

Get ready to enjoy this stay home activity with your child! 



13. Stay home activity in Singapore: “Operate” on a Patient

Stay home activity pretending to be a doctor

Does your child love pretending to be a doctor or nurse, and pretend to do injection on you? Well, now you might be able to take your child's dream a little further. Purchase this medical set easily, and  kids will get to “operate” on a patient, and learn parts of the human body as well.

Enjoy this stay home activity with your child through this link today. 



14. Stay home activity in Singapore: Make Sugar-Free Ice Cream

stay home activity at home, ice cream making


All children love ice cream, but as parents, we are often cautious about giving them these sweet treats for fear of its health effects. So here is a good news, simply make sugar free ice cream for your kids with them! This one-ingredient recipe is healthy and delicious, suitable for kids of all ages. Feel free to add ingredients such as nuts, chocolates, or fruits! Now children get to enjoy these delicious treats, and mummies need not worry about its sugar content. Spend time crafting your favourite ice cream as a stay home activity through this link today! 



15. Stay home activity in Singapore: Online Yoga Classes

stay home activity, yoga lesson


We know that its now a headache for many parents to dispense your child's energy, since playgrounds are out of bounds now. However, now you can consider getting your child to join you in online yoga classes. Build their balance and confidence while educating them on mindfulness too.

Learn how to engage your child with this stay home activity today through this video link today! 



16. Stay home activity in Singapore: Make A Cardboard House

stay home activity making cardboard houses


Take some time to teach your children about environment sustainability and conversation with this creative stay home activity! Find empty boxes around your house and upcycle them. Transform them into creative houses, this activity is easy on the wallet and possibilities are endless! Enjoy this creative stay home activity with this link today! 



17. Stay home activity in Singapore: Learn About Rain Clouds

stay home activity scientific experiment

Still remember those scientific experiment that your teachers have done when you were still a student in school, teaching you about the water cycle? Its maybe now time for parents to also put on the teaching hat, and teach your kids the science behind rain clouds in this effective hands-on experiment. Printable record sheets are included too! Remember parents, its always the process that matters more than the product. So seize every learning opportunity possible with your child with this stay home activity today! 



18. Stay home activity in Singapore: Make Kindness Coupons

stay home activity kindness coupon

Parents with two kids and more would definitely understand how tiring it is, to mediate squabbles between siblings and pacifying each other. Sibling squabbles happen ever so often, why not remind children to show love to one another by doing displaying simple acts of kindness. This can be a way to resolve any petty fights at home too. A good deed goes a long way! Get your child to design these kindness coupons through this link today! 



19. Stay home activity in Singapore: Write letters


stay home activity letter writing


Still remember those older days where phones were scarce and internet was rare? With the explosion of smart devices, most of us have gradually lost the art of letter writing. Aside from writing post cards, most of us now communicate through whatsapp messages or emails. Take some time off this period, and teach your child the art of letter writing. Children could start writing letters to their relatives and friends since no visitation is allowed at the moment, this will improve their language and writing skills and at the same time keep in touch with relatives in this period of isolation. This will definitely bring a smile to Grandma and Grandpa's faces!


20. Stay home activity in Singapore: Reinforce Importance of Growth Mindset

stay home activity growth mindset

It can be really tough to get your child to stay at home when they are used to outdoor activities and places to visit over holidays. However, instead of seeing it as a restriction, get your child to see the current situation with a growth mindset. Learn to develop your child's growth mindset with this article that we have found. Encourage children to develop a growth mindset will aid in resilience and hard work as they nurture over the years. This will have a positive impact on how they view failures and achievements in future.  Here's a list of books that you may consider in stimulating your child's growth mentality.