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Lending A Helping Hand

Something that sets Center Pottery’s classes apart from other studios is the strong emphasis we place on the concepts of mindfulness and self-care. Our primary objective, after all, is to help mental health patients on their road to recovery. We do this through classes taught at the Institute for Mental Health (IMH) to outpatients, people who still face issues but are well on their way to recovery, as well as collaborating with organisations like the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) to create courses for persons with mental health issues. We conduct weekly lessons with the outpatients of IMH, teaching them basic hand-building techniques. The patients find that the somewhat tedious process of hand-building to create smooth, functional pieces helps...

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Finding Your Center

Every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, Center Pottery hosts mental health patients for 3-hour long sessions. Over a 12-week period, these patients learn the basics of pottery and the different forms and techniques to create their own functional, useful pieces. These students attend classes at subsidised rates, giving them a different form of therapy – art as therapy, through learning pottery and making ceramics. There is more to pottery than the artfulness of it – even the prettiest of bowls and plates have a function, a use that ensures its value for years to come. Our lessons at Center Pottery are unique because we focus on the concept of mindfulness during our lessons. Creating art with purpose gives our students a...

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Yayoi Kusuma: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

“Since the dots are so infinitely many, my life has been a constant struggle to create my art” – Yayoi Kusama Perhaps one of the biggest inspirations in mental health and art is Yayoi Kusama, the 88-year-old “Polka Dot Princess”. Throughout her life, she has used art to “overcome dark days”. Like Kusama, we at Center Pottery seek to help our mental health patients overcome their dark days through the art of pottery. Where Kusama uses her dots to stamp out her demons, our participants use clay to mold and shape their thoughts and emotions, channeling them into something positive, visual and useful. The forgiving nature of clay also helps immensely – a crooked handle or dented bowl is not...

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It's Mother's Day!

This Mother’s Day, bring your mum to one of our classes and make new memories – literally! You’ll both be taught by our wonderful instructors some basic pottery techniques, and leave your session with your very own, unique creations! Use the promo code ‘iloveumum’, and Mum gets 50% off! Click here to sign up now, and you’ll be enjoying a truly unique bonding experience!

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SingaporeSailing Gala Dinner 2017

For this year’s SingaporeSailing Gala Dinner, Center Pottery sponsored 5 young sailors from Metazone’s ‘Big Brother, Big Sister’ program to come down to our pottery studio to create ceramic masterpieces for the gala’s charity auction. With their help, we managed to raise $960 for Metazone, which will help them continue with their wonderful programs in nurturing Singapore’s youths! Woohoo! Here is our founder Joan Huang with SingaporeSailing's Ex-co Honorary Advisor Mr. Peter Lim & his partner Ms. Lindy Ong, and SingaporeSailing CEO Mr. Andrew Tham. Ms. Ong is now the happy new owner of one of our Kaki Ceramic Boats from our new collection! Thank you SingaporeSailing and all for your generous support and love, and a lovely evening! If...

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