Mindful Pottery

The safe environment at Center Pottery and 3Arts, and the motivation from the teachers there, helped me in my rehab from drugs and mental issues. Pottery made me more aware of my anxieties and negative thought pattern. Through pottery as the medium, I could channel the negative feelings and anxieties into positive energy through creativity and control techniques taught by the teachers. I feel myself useful again as I’m able to make bowls and plates that could be useful for other people. I also feel a sense of belonging and see hope when I was given a chance to help others though this Pottery movement started by Center Pottery. I thank Center Pottery for helping me in my drug and mental issues rehab journey.
- MP

Experiential Trial Wheel-Throwing and Handbuilding workshop

Our workshop at Center Pottery was SO much fun! We had the flexibility to learn different techniques and lots of time to practice, create, and get our hands dirty. Unless you’re a designer or artist, it’s very rare that we get to nurture our creative side amidst our busy working lives. Being at Center Pottery made me feel like a kid in art class again, playing with clay and creating things without consequences. Although unfortunately, I don’t have any natural talent for the art of pottery, with Joan’s patient guidance, I was able to produce a few unique pieces I can now add to my kitchen and eat/drink from with pride. I think Center Pottery is a place everyone can enjoy.

– Alyssa Reinoso

The workshop was very relaxed in a quant setting. Joan is very patient, gentle and encouraging in her instructions, making a beginner feel comfortable to explore their creativity and not worry about making mistakes. She encourages her class to try and try again. Strongly recommend her workshops!

– Participant

I have learnt something new - I didn't know that I could make pottery until I attended this course. I feel like the process of making pottery is useful in training our patience & perseverance. Thank you for the workshop!

- Participant

Group / Corporate Team-Building Workshops

Our team workshop at the Dragon Kilns by Center Pottery was truly enjoyable. Joan and her other assistant instructors were patient and helpful, catering to our audience ranging from young to old. Although the time was short, Joan helped to squeeze in lots of content during our course, allowing us to use our hands and to try out the pottery wheel too, going at the pace of individual participants. We ended the session dirty, sweaty and tired, but with a much more fruitful, joyous and fun-filled hearts and minds! We would want to attend Joan’s session again and we hope she can continue to benefit the many participants that she works with in future. Highly recommended!

– Participant

Attending the workshop was a very interesting experience. Working with clay helps to calm myself down and to relieve some stress with the touch of earth. Balancing is very important when working with clay using the wheel. It resembles the balance present in life -  you can shape your life to what you want it to be if you have control over balance. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Thank you for the experience!

– Participant

"Clay Play" Children's workshop

The kids pottery workshops are fantastic as little Alex gets really excited to revisit 'Auntie Joan' at the studio. It's great that he gets to create functional pieces that he can use on a daily basis or tiny figurines to add to his toy collection. It has given him a creative outlet to make items from start to finish and feel thrilled every time he plays with them...always puts a smile on his face!

– Participant

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