Classes at a Home for the Intellectually Disabled

For the past few months, we have been giving classes at a home for the intellectually disabled twice a week. In doing so, we hope to give the residents there an opportunity to have fun learning pottery, and to have a sense of accomplishment each time they are able to finish their own artwork.

So far, we have taught our beneficiaries basic techniques like rolling, coiling, and pinching, and they have used them to make a variety of pieces. For instance, they have learnt how to make their own bowls, spoons, coasters, and plates!

We repeat the steps multiple times, sometimes even the course of a few weeks, to ensure that the residents would be able to remember the techniques better. We have seen good progress from our students whereby they have started to use the techniques that we have taught them to make their own piece without us prompting them.

Each time we leave the classroom, we leave with the hope that they at least enjoy the process of making something with their own hands, and that they find comfort in doing so.

If you would like to see what we do during classes, do take a look at the video below!