Episode 1: Introduction to Center Pottery

We created a series on Youtube introducing Center Pottery, as well as the art of pottery-making to those interested in what we do. If you are interested, you can check out the full series here

Center Pottery is a social enterprise founded by Joan Huang which conducts clay workshops and sells handmade ceramic wares. With Joan’s background in Japanese Studies and Medicine, she brings together her pottery expertise and healthcare experience at Center Pottery to promote the benefits of clay, ceramics, and pottery for mental health in Singapore.  

Currently, Center Pottery is based at Jalan Bahar, where it is surrounded by nature. The peaceful and tranquil environment encourages students who attend our workshops to spend their time mindfully shaping and making their artworks. 

 In this episode, you will learn more about Joan, and what she hopes to achieve with Center Pottery, as well as what she hopes people will achieve with pottery-making.