Episode 3: Kilns

We created a series on Youtube introducing Center Pottery, as well as the art of pottery-making to those interested in what we do. If you are interested, you can check out the full series here

Kilns are essential in pottery-making - they take your works from wet clay to ceramic pieces. There are many different kinds of kilns, and all of them produce different effects on the pieces, especially for glaze firing.

kilns center pottery singapore


1. Electric kilns

    Electric kilns are very common, and are widely used as they are mainly powered by electricity. They are also available in small sizes. They fire in oxidation, resulting in a change in the colour or even the look of the glaze on the pieces.

    before firing kiln center pottery


    after firing center pottery singapore


    2. Wood-fired kilns

    Wood-fired kilns are more traditional, and are fueled by wood. The process of firing in these kilns can be tedious as the wood has to be constantly replenished and stroked in order to maintain high temperatures to fire the ceramic pieces. However, each piece that comes out of the wood-fired kiln is unique - as wood ashes fall on the pieces, it creates special effects with the glaze on the pieces. It is almost impossible to replicate any piece that comes out of the wood-fired kiln.


    3. Dragon kiln

    This is one of the most traditional kilns, and has been said to be around since the Shang dynasty. The name comes from the resemblance of the kiln to a dragon, which is long and thin. Currently, there are only two surviving dragon kilns in Singapore, and one of them is right at our studio!

    center pottery dragon kiln singapore


    In this episode, join us in a tour of the 60-year-old dragon kiln located just beside our studio, and take a look at some of the pieces that are freshly out of the kiln.