Episode 4: Workshops

We created a series on Youtube introducing Center Pottery, as well as the art of pottery-making to those interested in what we do. If you are interested, you can check out the full series here

In Center Pottery, we run various kinds of workshops catering to different ages. For adults, we have our Find Your Center pottery wheel workshop. It will start off with a tour around our studio which is steeped in history, as well as a demonstration. Following that, participants will get to throw and create their own pieces with their own hands.  

We also run an equivalent workshop for children aged 2 and above, and the activities carried out here are appropriately catered to them. We hope that by doing so, these children will gain the experience of moulding and creating their own pieces while having fun at the same time. 

In this episode, our founder, Joan Huang, lets you know what you can expect from attending our workshops, and what she hopes you can take away from the process of making pottery.