October: Mental Health Month + Beyond the Label Fest

Beyond the Label

Beyond the Label Fest​ was an initiative organized by the National Council of Social Service​ with the aim of bringing light to current social stigmas on mental health. It was a privilege for Center Pottery to be part of this movement as we conducted clay making workshops during this event. 

Did you know, 1 in 7 Singaporeans experienced mental disorders in their lifetime (Singapore Mental Health Study, 2016). 

Often, the social and cultural stigmas make it difficult for the affected to seek help, let alone realize that help is available. Beyond the Label is a movement that seeks to address such stigmas; the campaign aims to encourage the public to go beyond the label of a mental health diagnosis, to view and regard persons with mental health conditions for who they are.

Clay making - focus and concentration

Creating an artwork with clay, from scratch, requires concentration and focus. Pottery is a sensory experience where one relishes the touch and feel. Over time, clay can improve the dexterity and cognitive motor skills of the participants. Fashioning their own creative masterpiece or functional wares through concentration helps to improve one’s mental well-being.

Center Pottery conducted 2 clay trinket-plate making workshops on 28 September at the fest. Joan Huang, founder of Center Pottery, was one of the teachers during the workshop. “Through this workshop, we hope to introduce clay to the public, as a therapeutic medium to aid mental health recovery. This is the core purpose in which Center Pottery was founded upon.” 

Tan Chuan Jin Center Pottery
The clay workshops were well-received by the public. Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore, Mr Tan Chuan Jin, the guest-of-honor of the event also came by the workshop and experimented with the clay. 

Should you like to find out more about how clay can help you in your mental health journey, write to us at hello@pottery.sg or consider joining us for Mindful PotteryMindful Pottery is a 4-part class designed to weave mental wellness methodologies into the art of pottery.  The next Mindful Pottery class will commence on 19 November, Tuesday (7 pm to 9 pm). 


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