Shine Festival National Youth Council Pottery class

To redeem your Shine Festival - National Youth Council coupon, please call or write to us to make your booking.


Immerse yourself in the process of throwing on the potter's wheel, and molding your own wares (bowl, cup, vase, etc.) from clay with hand-building techniques. Experience the peace and joy of making pottery, wheel throwing, and Finding Your Center

The 3.5-hour class is suitable for adults (individuals 12 years & up) with little or no pottery experience.
Fees include materials, tools, firing and glazing. Students typically make 2-3 pieces in 1 session. 
Your handmade pieces will be available for collection after 4-5 weeks, as they require glazing with colour and 2 rounds of firing.

If you wish to glaze your own wares, you may return to the studio after the pieces have been fired once in the kiln.
The 2-Lessons option is for you! Lesson 2 (Glazing) is about 2 hours.
We will arrange with you the date and time of your 2nd lesson after Lesson 1.

All workshops start with an introduction and tour of the art history and heritage of our dragon kiln.


Corporate Team Building Pottery Workshop Retreat  Corporate Team Building Pottery Workshop Retreat  

Our private workshops are excellent opportunities for family bonding, friends get-togethers and co-workers/corporate retreats etc., suitable for groups of all ages.
Contact Us to arrange your private lesson. Have a fun and relaxing time creating your own handmade ceramic pieces! 


Clay Play workshops are suitable for children (aged 2 to young at heart). We will tailor the 2-hour program appropriately to the age of your child. Activities include painting on clay and molding the pieces into bowls, plates, etc. Your child can further develop their motor and thinking skills, and pique their curiosity and creativity.

Children typically make 1-2 pieces in 1 session. Ceramic wares made will be completely usable and food-safe, after glazing and 2 rounds of firing in the kiln. They will be available for collection in 4-5 weeks.

1 parent should accompany children 6 years and younger. Discounts available for siblings, $5 off/child (i.e. $110 for 2 children). 

We look forward to having you!