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KAKITM Ceramics

Our Logo is a persimmon. In Japanese, the persimmon is called『柿』(read as 'kaki' or 'かき'). And the word『嘉来』, which means “good things come”, is also read as 'kaki' in Japanese. Every piece of pottery that is made by our staff and beneficiaries at Center Pottery is marked with our KAKITM logo. We hope that KAKITM brings blessings and good tidings to the people who own and use our wares. 'Kaki' is also the local word (Malay) for close friends, bring home a KAKITM today.

Proceeds from the sale of our handmade ceramic wares go towards funding our special programs to help mental health patients, patients who are terminally-ill, and the elderly.
If you are interested in supporting our Cause, please Reach Out to us!


If you would like to customize your own dinnerware (bowls, plates, cups or vases etc.), please contact us and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your order, and provide pricing and timelines. We enjoy working on collaborations and commissions, with companies, organizations and individuals. We are happy to speak with you about your custom order of corporate gifts, wedding favors, items for your home, cafe or restaurant, etc.